440cc Go Kart

My go kart project took about two years to complete working on it in my free time. It started as a project for my high school shop class. I bent the steel using the pipe bender at the shop. I also machined a few parts on the lathe as well as the CNC mill.

Video:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMWao7UylEA

  • Engine: Air Cooled 1985 Polaris 440cc 2-stroke
  • Brakes: (2) Machined Vented Discs with (2) 4-piston Kawasaki calipers
  • Wheels: Shifter Kart racing slicks
  • Drive: Snowmobile Torque Converter with chaincase

The tan box reads the temperature of the cylinder heads. The engine is air cooled so it can overheat easily on a hot summer day.

The brake calipers came off a Kawasaki motorcycle.

The beginning. 1985 Polaris SS

I welded custom headers to move exhaust around the seat.



The top shaft was machined down to fit the gear snuggly. The gear is made for a spline shaft, but instead I fit it on tight and then welded it to the shaft to save money. The bottom gear is welded to a hub with a keyway so it fits the 1" rear axle. The axle is hardened stainless steal and came off a piece of excercise equitment.

This was when I had one disc brake, but I soon upgraded to the motorcycle brakes. This picture shows the bracket holding the chaincase.

Once I realized how fast and scary this thing is, I decided to put on a roll cage. And some color.