The Bike Car

 few years ago my buddy showed me a video on youtube of a couple snowboarders who built a "bike car". After watching the video I knew I wanted to build one of these someday. In the 2009 summer I spent my free time working on it. It took three months to build from raw steel and endless bike parts into a working machine. All four people pedal and the driver controls the steering, brakes and shifting the 6 gears. The rides are ridiculously fun. The smiles on peoples faces are priceless. Everyone loves a bike car.







Custom seats

I welded angle iron on the end of the rails so the bike can be un-bolted into smaller pieces for transportation.

The rear hubs are aluminum. I machined them on a metal lathe and drilled and tapped holes for the hub and brake disk. The brakes are hydraulic ATV brakes and work very well. The master cylinder is attached to a brake lever as seen in the picture below.


The two rear brakes were upgraded, some of the pictures below show the old setup.

5/8 inch rear axles

The bracket for the derailer. This was the hardest part to fabricate.